Our Story

Taster anton

Anton Soulier cooks, eats and dreams food. Analyse his DNA, you’ll find soy sauce and chicken stock. 

You’d think Anton would be in seventh heaven working for a food delivery startup. But after three years there, his faith in food was being challenged. 

Restaurants didn’t try. Customers waited ages. By the time food arrived, it looked as miserable as them.  

There had to be another way. Anton imagined a digital food court of street food brands, each designed for delivery. Taste was so important, he’d put it in the name. 

He convinced Mak, a gold chained, tatted French Vietnamese chef, to help him make the ultimate bo bun, the dish Paris loves. It had to be perfect. The first kitchen was in the 11th arrondissement. It was tiny, but a delivery-only kitchen was a new idea; they might not sell anything. 

Days later, orders were flooding in. Everyone spent all morning making spring rolls. First hundreds, then thousands. The rolls were so popular Anton almost started a spring roll factory instead. He even did the sums! Thankfully, he stuck to his dream. Taster was born.

4 Brands

Right now, we have four digital restaurant brands. Each one’s based on a different cuisine, with a unique menu and identity built around it. Some we’ve created with renowned chefs, others we’ve developed in house – all share the Taster obsession with unforgettable food.

150 Digital Restaurants

We have more than 150 digital restaurants across France, the UK and Spain. And trust us, this is just the beginning. Through training, consistency and hard work, our teams in every location have built up loyal followings of local customers who keep coming back.

25 Cities

We started out in Paris, but we’re now in three European capital cities, with HQs and multiple locations across London and Madrid, as well as our home city. We also have digital restaurants in Lille, Rouen and Versailles – and we’re coming to more cities soon.