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Now delivering in: London

Bian Dang started out in 2015 as a street stall in London’s prestigious Kerb markets. The concept was an immediate success, taking 60 orders in its first day (as any street vendor knows, that’s huge) and soon earning places on London’s Top 10 Street Food Spots from both Time Out and Secret London.

The inspiration for Bian Dang came from the home cooking of Tristan’s wife, who is originally Taiwanese. Tristan wanted to create a concept that would do justice to the delicious food his wife’s family knew and loved, so he consulted his mother-in-law about popular Taiwanese street food, especially the classic bian dang (Mandarin for ‘rice boxes’), still sold today at many train stations in Taiwan as a ‘grab and go’ meal for travellers.

Bian Dang Meal Deal

Chef Tristan Lee Son started out running his own restaurant in London’s West Hampstead neighbourhood, before honing his culinary skills working under Michelin starred chef Jason Atherton. He’s a specialist in Asian cooking and is especially interested in what the future of food will look like, making him a perfect chef-partner for Taster.

‘The night markets of Taipei are home to the world’s best street food.’

Selected dishes

two baos
Bao Box (2 Baos)

Choose any two baos:

Crispy Chicken Bao:
A fluffy steamed bao filled with crispy fried chicken breast, pickled daikon, roasted peanuts and a BBQ chilli sauce.

Claypot Aubergine Bao:
A steamed vegan bao filled with sweet black vinegar marinated Aubergine, pickled greens, fresh coriander and a BBQ chilli sauce.

Braised Pork Belly Bao:
A fluffy steamed bao filled with slow braised pork belly, pickled greens, and fresh coriander.

Braised Pork Belly Rice Box
Braised Pork Belly Rice Box

Super tender braised pork belly cooked low ‘n’ slow with aromatic ginger, chilli and star anise served on steamed rice with freshly stir-fried vegetables, mushroom tofu sauce and tangy pickled daikon.

Mushroom Fries (VE)
Mushroom Fries (VE)

Crispy salt and pepper fried oyster mushrooms.