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Now delivering in: London, Madrid, Brussels, Paris, Bordeaux, Boulogne, Lyon, Les Clayes, Lille, Meaux, Massy, Marseilles, Nancy, Nanterre, Rouen, Reims, Strasbourg, Saint-Etienne, Toulouse, Versailles


Korean Fried Chicken is the only KFC for us. We tested and re-tested marinades, frying techniques and sauces to get that crispy, tender chicken and Korean flavour bang on, every time.


We started out in France, and we’ve kept that typical French obsession with quality ingredients. Our chicken recipe and all our sauces were specially developed by a 2 Michelin Star Chef.


We use only British prime chicken breast in our UK kitchens, keeping our food miles down and turning the flavour wayyyy up.

Out Fry


We developed Out Fry in collaboration with a chef who was born in South Korea and adopted by a Belgian family.  He has 2 Michelin stars to his name, has been a judge on Top Chef, and has spent years mastering Korean cuisine. Safe to say, he knows a thing or two about the flavours of his birthplace!

"Absolutely BANGIN' Fried Chicken. Couldn't recommend it enough. And an amazing Korean mayonnaise comes with it (Ssamjang mayo). Died and went to chicken heaven." – Edmund Alcock, Google Review

Selected dishes

Yangnyeom Chicken Bu-Ket
Yangnyeom Chicken Bu-Ket

7 pieces of crispy fried prime chicken breast, topped with a sweet, sour and slightly spicy (not too hot, just a slight 🌶️ kick) Yangnyeom sauce, fresh coriander and sesame seeds. Comes with a sauce of your choice for even more flavour. Allergy note:  🥜

C.C.B. (Chicken Cheese Burger)
C.C.B. (Chicken Cheese Burger)

3 crispy pieces of fried prime chicken breast in a lightly toasted bun with cheddar cheese, pickled onion, pickled cucumber, lettuce and our Ssamjang mayo. Allergy note: 🥜

Yangnyeom Chicken Bowl
Yangnyeom Bowl

4 pieces of crispy fried prime chicken breast topped with sweet, sour and slightly spicy (not too hot, just a slight 🌶️ kick) Yangnyeom sauce, with marinated carrots, pickled cucumber, fresh coriander and kimchi served on a bed of jasmine rice. Allergy note: 🥜