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Big Flavour. No Meat. That’s what you get with A Burgers. We cook up patties of plant-based brilliance and deliver them to your desk or door.

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The Original A Burger
The Texan Hippie
The Chick'n Slaw Burger
The Smokehouse Supreme


We’ve done our homework… And by that, we mean we’ve made and eaten a LOT of vegan burgers to end up with this ‘flavour forwards’ menu of undeniably delicious burgers. Not “delicious for a vegan burger”, we mean delicious, full stop. So whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or a committed carnivore – you’re gonna want what we got.


Inside every (vegan) bun is pure plant-based pleasure, from the plant-based patties in The OAB and The Vegan Hippie, to ingredients like THIS™️ Isn’t Bacon and melty vegan cheese slices, to our range of properly tasty homemade vegan sauces, from sriracha mayo to cheese sauce on out Not-so-cheesy Fries.


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